Stop Fearing The Fear Itself

As a fetus in amniotic sac you’re afraid of being born,

Unable to associate birth pain with life of its own.


As a toddler you’re fearful of your own shadow,

Unable to understand the world beyond your own toe.


As a kid you’re afraid of being lost, 

Unable to fathom the sensitivity of associated cost.


As a young adult you’re so fearful of peer exclusion,

Unable to imagine an unique identity of your own.


As an adult you’re afraid of not living your dream,

Unable to understand the futility of the whole scene.


As a new parent you’re fearful of getting it all right

Unable to appreciate the brighter side of dark night.


As a teenager’s parent you’re afraid of everything,

Unable to get that it’s their age of plaything.


As an offspring of aging parents you fear their illness,

Unable to accept the cyclic nature of nature itself.


As a person having dentures you’re afraid of losing your lifelong companion,

Unable to reconcile and accept the finite nature of existential union.


So when are you going to be brave enough to stop fearing the fear itself? 

And let the life run its own course without being too anxious about yourself.


Piyush Kamal

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