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All those folks who are living their lives through weekends find the allure of vacation all too tempting. They treat their short getaway as an opportunity to live the much coveted life of freedom.

Is it possible to live the life of intermittent freedom?

What are the things that we need to stop right away to make a well intentioned effort on our part?

1. Stop getting obsessed with planning.

Expecting every minutest detail of your elaborate plan to get translated into reality will ensure that you remain stressful.

2. Stop beating yourself for every small mistakes.

Lapses in your judgement when too much novel inputs are competing for your attention is nothing abnormal.

3.  Stop looking for perfect moments to capture through your lenses.

Just because you have the luxury of an inbuilt camera in your mobile device doesn’t mean that you start capturing every moment of your journey on it.

4. Stop making your vacation a checklist of things to do.

Your habit of being a perfectionist gets extended to your vacations too, as a result you aim to optimise your vacation time by ticking the checklist.

5. Stop chasing comfort at the expense of adventures.

The whole new set of experiences are waiting for you right on the other side of the your comfort zone.

6. Stop getting too fussy about your food.

When you decide to be adventurous, the adventure should get extended to food too.

7. Stop being an argumentative Pain In A**.

Your default mode to get argumentative so as to project your limited superiority on others can make you look really silly at times.

8. Stop getting too impatient to reach your final destination.

Your obsession to reach your final destination makes the journey less delightful.

9. Stop being judgemental for the entire period.

Once you sign up for adventures and exploration on your own volition, preconceived bias in your opinions would never allow you to enjoy the novelty of your experience.

10. Stop trying to make sense of everything.

Your habit of making sense of everything through your own narratives put unnecessary pressure on your limited intellectual resources.

11. Stop default mode of seeing things from your limited perspective.

Your ability to appreciate things and events that are in dissonance with your own limited perception will invariably ensure the quality of your experience.

12. Stop expecting your kids to behave all the times.

Keeping a constant watch on your kid’s behaviour is not going to make them well behaved.

13. Stop carrying the excessive luggage both physical and mental.

Your aversion to uncertainty is so deeply ingrained that you become least aware of the deleterious effects of excessiveness. 

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