Being true to yourself


Given a choice, most people would like to live a life that is true to who they are; in other words, we’d like to be as authentic as possible.

Unfortunately, factors like lack of self-confidence or pressure to conform makes it the most difficult choice. As a result, more often than not, we start feeling that we are inauthentic people, too weak to live honestly. Which is simply untrue!

Authenticity isn’t a quality that you either have or don’t. Rather, it’s a choice, one that reflects how we want to live. It’s the daily decision to be honest by embracing our vulnerability and not caring about what others think.

And because it’s a choice, we thus have the option to be more authentic on some days and less authentic on other days when we feel limited by various constraints.

If we do, however, choose to act with more authenticity, then we’ll definitely be more aligned to our true identity of being a peaceful being by

But despite being aware of this fact, we find it very difficult to stop comparing ourselves to others. However, in our attempts to measure ourselves against our peers, we often end up actually ridding ourselves of the very qualities that make us interesting and unique individuals.

But do we know that, comparison is the very root of conformity. While competition and conformity might sound diametrically opposites, they’re actually inextricably related. Let’s examine this.

Whenever we compete, we invariably compare ourselves to others by means of very narrow criteria. For this reason, we won’t bother to compete with people from entirely different traditions and backgrounds, yet get riled up about the very people who happen to live next door.

While we might not compare our homes to the mansions across town, we’re more likely to compete over the amenities available in neighbouring homes. And the worst irony is that this comparison gets more pronounced when it comes to our progeny.

However, because we only compete with those who are similar to us already, we ensure that we will follow the path of conformity.

Because, the principle logic behind comparison is that you should strive to be just like everyone else, but a bit better.

If we really want to transcend these arbitrary comparisons, we must start by embracing our own individuality. When we focus on our own unique gifts, it reminds us that the world consists of individuals, each of whom make unique and incomparable contributions.

But to let your individuality shine, you’ll first need to cultivate your creativity.
And what if you aren’t creative?

Complete nonsense !
There’s no such things as “creative types” and “non-creative types.” But there is a clear distinction between those who make use of their creativity by exploring things and those who don’t.

So don’t get hung up on whether you’re creative enough. Just get out there and create! It doesn’t matter if you sing, dance, paint, cook, write, make music or whatever else. As long as you’re creating, you’re helping yourself in cultivating your individuality.

Just remember “Authenticity is a collection of choice that we make everyday.”



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  1. Vivek verma

    It shows reality ,,,,, if one can follow then he/she will in position to justify ,, and can do something good for his society n for himself ……… After thorough reading,it vibrates hypothalamus n allow to think over on all aspects,, GREAT WORK…

  2. Shweta srivastava

    Hi piyush wow and no word to describe .
    Really love it and looking forward to read more.


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