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Finding and living your Dream


This post of mine is in continuity to my last post. My dear friend Divyakant was not very pleased from the fact that my last  post couldn’t provide solution to the problem of average existence. Let me try.

You just got to remember that, when it comes to living your dream, it’s all about you. It’s lot like making a custom fitted three piece suit or a customised tooth implant. You got to find your own fit. The tailor and the dentist is always there to help you with those customisation.

However when it comes to customisation of your DREAM…Only you are the best judge of it. You can start with knowing thyself. You got to start with the believe that “You are a sub atomic manifestation of this infinitely beautiful and omnipotent cosmos. You are an absolute and unique entity, complete in every respect.”

Therefore, living your Dream requires you to do some deep digging and find candid answers to these queries: it helps you in finding thyself:

  • What makes you happiest in your life? What excites you?
  • What is your special gift? What’s your flair?
  • What are you naturally curious about?
  • What do you do that makes you invincible?
  • Who inspires you and why?
  • What is that one thing that you would gladly do for free?
  • When was the last time you over-delivered on something, by putting your heart and soul into it?
  • When was the last time you lost track of the world around you? What were you doing then?
  • What would you choose to do for a living if you knew that you would never fail?
  • What is that one thing that you end up defending most of the time?
  • What is the one thing that annoys you the most, and given the unlimited resources at your disposal how do you plan to solve it?
  • How do you end up helping other people?
  • When was the last time you couldn’t sleep because you were so excited about your work? What was it?
  • How would you like your obituary to be read?
  • What your close friends tell you, what you should do for a living? It’s never too late to ask them?
  • After one week without any access to connectivity, if you are given one hour of Internet accessibility, how would you spend your time? Of course there is no access to social networking sites.

Once you are ready with the answers. Believe me, you will be staring right into your most authentic Dream. Now it’s up to you to make it into a reality.

I am sharing this amazing animated video “Believe Your Dream” to drive home the point.

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  1. Very nice article and video.
    How true it is. While a kid we just did things which even now if we think than get surprised that how I did that. It was just that there were no second negative thoughts at that time. Good going Piyush ..

  2. Excellent blog Piyush. Thanks a lot for taking efforts to pen down the solution which I was expecting from u. Nice video to. That is why God says, Come to Me as a kid. Because then we are pure at heart and we don’t have any fear.