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If you could be the best that you can ever be
Making things work the way it’s meant to be
All the fruits could never be on a single tree
​No need to live a life​ borrowed from somebody

​If you could see things as they really are
Stop having perception of things from the lens of the past
Not losing faith when things don’t work out
Taking the barometer of success with a pinch of salt

If you could keep your cool when someone blames you
No need to take things personally when everyone criticises you
Storms in your life is there to check what you are made of
You are hardly going to emerge the same once you come out of

If you could have the biggest dream but ready for nightmare
Also be prepared for that awkward stare
Seeking the truth but not looking for that popular hack
Be prepared to run the distance with burden of unpopular sack

If you could have the humility to follow your own advice
Then gather some courage to step out of the fools paradise
Not allowing your existence to become mindless act of chance
Letting your soul thrive by achieving the peaceful trance

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