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The Journey So Far!

It’s very likely that you might have started climbing the existing ladder of success because that was the only ladder available to you. Back then, fulfillment of immediate needs was the most important priority for you.

The more important and wider question of individual preferences and core values could never capture the imagination of your limited mind space.

Despite having all the freedom in this world to see the things as they are   —   stripped of any subjectivity   —   you conveniently choose to see the things through the subjective lens. The lens so heavily tinted by all sorts of popular media propaganda.

As a consequence, your own inability to bring objectivity in your decision making stops bothering you anymore. And you have finally made peace with the fact that you never had this ability in first place.

Even after putting in years of hard work and succeeding in fulfilling all your immediate needs, you just don’t ever fail in creating a whole new set of needs in the garb of insatiable greed. You look around and start identifying it as an integral part of your natural progression.

Of course, being a responsible and rational family man you just can’t afford to abdicate all your personal responsibilities on the pretext of aligning your life in accordance with your newly found individual preferences and so-called core values.

But the truth is:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  —  Wayne Dyer.

It all starts with changing the way you see things. Not the way, things are shown to you.

Colored Perceptions!

As soon as you start enjoying all the materialistic fruits of your hard work, you don’t mind settling for comfort zone and stability in your autopilot life.

Try this for yourself. Learn to bring some real awareness of the things, events, and your automatic responses…

When you start giving undivided attention to all those things that are in front of you rather than investing your limited attention and energy into circuitous and inconsequential thoughts, you will stop identifying yourself with your own memory, Intellect, and thoughts.

As a result, your perspectives and sensibilities start transcending beyond your limited sensory perceptions.
Once you are done with this exercise, you can afford to revisit the widely accepted definition of success.
When your immediate environment feels comfortable and pleasant while you are on your way to achieving most of your worldly desires and aspirations: that state of experience is termed as the success.

But what if the person you admire as a mascot of massive success never wanted to be a billionaire in the first place?

What if he always wished to have a peaceful life somewhere deep inside a countryside, but could not resist himself from creating a string of companies like a compulsive gambler.

The entire definition of success often gets colored once you are exposed to the real context in which it was supposed to be pursued.

You need to understand that the journey of life is never circumscribed by the achievement of specific desired results or goals.

In fact, the desire for an extraordinary life will end up making you unhappy.

If you are doing things for the sole purpose of achieving results, then you are declining yourself the opportunity to really become fully enthralled and engaged with the actual process and journey.

Your preferred vocation needs to fulfill these basic tenets to be accepted as the barometer of meaningful achievement:

  • It needs to play a significant role in delineating the contours of happiness in your present life.
  • It needs to align with your unique perspective, values, and creativity.
  • It needs to help you in discovering more meaning and achieving personal growth in your life.

Dissatisfaction with the Present!

It is important to differentiate between the dissatisfaction caused by external environment and deep-rooted dissatisfaction lying unattended within you.

If you chose not to be happy with everything that you have achieved through your own cumulative hard work   —   at first, your sense of dissatisfaction with your present life might feel like the source of motivation for higher ambition and seemingly upward growth trajectory.

But once you are on your way to chase them what you will end up achieving is only the shadow of success and not the real deal.

Happiness facilitates success and not the other way round.

We attract into our lives what we already are.
If you’re dissatisfied and distracted by scarcity in your immediate environment, then this mindset of dissatisfaction will never allow you to see things in its right perspective.
Your senses will often be too overpowered by emotions of scarcity to even recognize the most obvious opportunities.

If your present is successful in fulfilling all your needs to have the baseline happiness, then how do you know that it is failing in its objective to cater your core needs? If you are
Consistently failing to experience the “flow”.
Working in an artificially created stressful environment.
Wasting most of your time in firefighting.

Never ever forget that all those affirmations that you convey to yourself end up shaping your future. It simply means   —   all the inputs for your future are first projected on your mind and thereafter it gets an opportunity to manifest itself in the real world.

But isn’t it very ironical and self-defeating that you often chose to focus your limited energy on reinforcing every limitation of yours? It’s high time you make a conscious effort to change this default mode.

If your persistent need is to have more so that you could compensate for what you are missing at present in your life, then no amount of acquisition is ever going to get you there. Whether you realize it or not, all your prized possessions will just keep adding to the existing burden.

If you ever wish to get out of this colossal burden   —   the only practical way is to be prepared to lose it all by embracing uncertainty.

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