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Fear of uncertainty!

We are tormented either by present things not turning out as per our expectation or by things that are yet to take place or by both.

As to things present, if it doesn’t result in any bodily harm, there is absolutely nothing to worry. As to what may happen in the future, we need to consider whether our trepidation of future trouble is for sure.

For it is more often the case that we are troubled by our imaginary apprehensions. It only:

  • Makes you much more vulnerable than you actually are.
  • Makes you consistently dread every possible worst scenario.

Thus, the only way to tackle this is being prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Once you are in a position to visualize the worst possible fear   —   to a certain degree, it will start losing its grip on you.

Define the worst case scenario, accept it, and do it anyway. Because what we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.

And there is saying that a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. Therefore, kindly resolve to do one thing every day that you fear most and experience the difference.

Human nature by its very constitution longs for limitless expansion. It never likes to be contained within boundaries. This incessant will to grow is embedded in our DNA. That’s the very reason most of the creative work often takes place beyond the realm of logical boundaries.

Human as a being always wants to be something more than what they are right now.

If you ever want to wish for something   —   let it be the most illogical thing desired by anyone. ’Cause the most logical thing does not need magical intervention from any quarter. It will happen anyway.

If you know what you want, never ask for permission. Because no one other than you are in a better position to understand and appreciate the intensity and reason behind your choice. So stop wasting time asking for approval of your own dreams.

When you start believing in your dreams and treat it as an inevitable event that is about to happen in your life   —   your dreams will start manifesting itself through unseen opportunities.

Being a narrator of your own story, it’s important that you stop letting other people craft the plot of your narrative. Let your heart be the guiding factor in deciding the context as well as the content of your story   —   by shaping your mindset.

Onion Mindset!

Anything that distracts you from narrating your own story should never get your attention.

Once you start developing proper perspective towards life in general and your dreams in particular, it will help you in living a life of simplicity and fulfillment.

So it’s high time you start working seriously on those perspectives; by stop viewing the world through your distorted lens.

Just remember, Life is not just about ticking all the items on your preferential checklist.

In fact, living your life on a to-do list is a very superficial way of looking at life and defining success.

At the very fundamental level, the entire journey of success should make you grow as a person.

This growth is a continuous change that keeps peeling the most undesired layer of yours so that your best layer is visible to the world   —  possible by embracing the onion mindset.

If you wish to follow the path of continuous personal growth, you should be willing to make a list of everything that keeps on nibbling your precious time without your conscious permission.

When you decide to be the narrator in chief of your story, distractions in any format should be identified on priority   —   and to be weeded immediately   —   so that you could get the desired meaningful results devoid of any shallowness.

Paradigm Shift!

To live a fulfilling life the scarcity mindset needs to be replaced by abundance mindset.

Right from childhood, we are being taught to weed out our competition. But you know what   —   this is the most corrupt version ever propagated among the masses through so many generations.

As a consequence, quite a huge lot of extraordinary talents get wasted without ever realizing it’s true potential.

Don’t ever postpone your dreams. Whatever you are, wherever you are, you are in the best position to start your journey towards that most illogical sounding fantasy of yours.

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” Wayne Dyer

Your current position is ripe with abundant opportunities. You just need to tune yourself to the right frequency.

With continuous conditioning and reinforcement of your thoughts, your senses become receptive to make sense of all those opportunities.

Once you revisit these small yet significant aspects of success, you will start gaining perspective and necessary audacity to follow your heart.

Your decisions would no longer be susceptible to unchallenged conventional wisdom.

Instead of searching for the right wall, you will witness an unprecedented surge in your courage of conviction and slippage of inhibition   —   making you capable enough to even build your own wall.

Work In Progress!

Its been a while since I got actively involved in mentoring students. The experience so far has been overwhelming.

One of my students was under immense pressure to pursue medicine because both his parent were doctors by profession. And since he didn’t wish to disappoint them he couldn’t muster the courage to broach this sensitive topic with his parents.

He had all the academic potential to pursue medical studies, but his heart was fixed on something else.

He wanted to become an exceptional stand-up comedian. Not exactly the preferred choice of profession by an academically strong student — Colored perception.

The impossible task of conveying this choice to his parents was entrusted to me. But before breaking this news, I wanted to dig a little deep to ascertain the seriousness of his claim.

I asked him, “how did he know that stand up was his calling”?

He told me, “all his friends appreciated his sense of humor, and his takes on events and stories were considered quite unique and hilarious by a majority of them”.

Anything else?”, I probed.

He shared, I could never imagine myself living a life of 9 to 9   —   a life my parents are so used to and expecting me to live the same” — Dissatisfaction

But I am afraid I would end up disappointing them big time by this reckless decision of mine”, he added.

But how have you reached the conclusion that your decision is a reckless one, could you please elaborate more?”, I asked him curiously.

Well, any profession that doesn’t guarantee a lifelong stability and financial security can unequivocally be categorized as reckless one, I guess it is not rocket science”, he tried to rationalize it — Fear of uncertainty.

Now that you are pretty aware of the kind of risk associated with your unique choice of career, so tell me, what’s your plan of making this choice of yours into an exceptional success?”, I asked him without sounding like an interrogator.

Haven’t chalked a detailed plan as yet, but one thing I know for sure that I love the challenge of being in the spotlight and enjoy the perks of being at the center of the limelight”, he added.

So you admit that you are gravitated towards this profession because of its glamour quotient”, I poked.

I wouldn’t deny the grain of truth in that statement. But there is more to it than just a foolish aspiration to become a celebrity”, he said candidly.

I really do enjoy observing the finer intricacies of human behavior…In fact, all the inconsistency and unpredictability of human species makes for an interesting content”, he added further.

So you do appreciate the need of understanding human psychology in the social context to establish yourself as a good stand up comedian, I asked.

Very true…In fact, it goes without sayinghe responded.

Well, I guess herein lies the answer. You can pursue psychology during graduation. It should help you in keeping your options open, till you figure out your detail plan of action”, I tried to convince him — Onion Mindset.

Having sold the idea to him, I had the tough task of selling it to his parents. Well, it took a lot of persuasions and convincing to make them appreciate our proposition.

They finally bought the idea only on the condition if their son could secure a top rank in common medical entrance examination. Only then he could earn his freedom to pursue his choice of graduation.

I was apprehensive about my student taking this challenge, but to my utter surprise, he was ready to put his best foot forward to earn an opportunity to live his dream — The Paradigm shift.

And yes, in the process he is making everyone proud!

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