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There are arguably many paths to greatness but basic principles required to reach there remains more or less same.

Reaching the top 5% in your chosen field is  a lot like preparing yourself for a Formula one racing. There are principles & techniques, which you can master to get the desired results.

But the same techniques and principles become woefully inadequate if you desire to reach the top 0.1% in your chosen field. Why is that so?

Well, the simple answer is —  it isn’t the right vehicle for the purpose. You need a completely different launching pad that can propel you into a different orbit.

Even the best of engineering will fail to convert a Formula one race car into a Rocket, as the principles involved in building both the vehicles are completely different.

Just ’cause everyone you know is using the same vehicle to reach the aspired destination doesn’t mean that you start doing the same. It hardly  makes any logical sense.

The primary objective of this article is to get you sensitised to the new set of underlying principles; ’cause you can’t expect extraordinary results by following an ordinary process.

If you want to propel yourself into a completely different orbit then you need the extraordinary firepower to attain the required Escape Velocity.

Anything less than that threshold velocity is simply not good enough.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” — Einstein.

Structure your life around your core values

Structuring your life in such a manner that you are in a better position to make decisions which are in complete alignment to your core set of values. There is no doubt that you will be required to make some consistent and extraordinary efforts but that will help you in preparing for gaining the requisite threshold velocity.

What you choose to do to build a robust structure around your daily routine helps you in shaping your customized cryogenics.

Once you are able to put a fairly reliable and organic system in place, you can leverage all the benefits of your super-powerful subconscious mind to gather insane momentum.

Don’t get obsessed with a particular outcome

Choose the plan with the most options. The best plan is the one that lets you change your plans.”–Derek Sivers

Even when there is no blueprint to reach your most cherished goal, you are vulnerable in becoming too obsessed with a particular outcome. You need to understand one thing very clearly, that your obsession with outcome is not helping you at all, in fact it’s a major drag .

As soon as you learn to decouple your sincere efforts from a particular outcome (the most challenging thing to do), you will bring the requisite adaptability in your attitude to achieve organically exponential results.

Learn to unlearn

If you’re reading this article, it means that you have definitely gone through all those processes which are considered an essential pre-requisite to emerge as socially accepted “somebody” or in all likelihood you might be on your way to become that “somebody”.

Mind you, once you reach there, soon you will realise the entire futility of learning so many things that has absolutely negligible utility or application. In fact all those concepts and factual knowledge becomes a stumbling block in your own future growth.

If more information was the answer, then we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.”–Derek Sivers

So, do yourself a favour-learn the art of a unlearning. And Never be afraid of starting something from scratch, ‘Cause you are never too outdated to learn anything new.

Learn to turn it OFF

When it comes to switching yourself off, involve yourself in activities that doesn’t demand active involvement of pre-frontal cortex-located right behind the forehead, a default application that keeps running in the backdrop of your brain, and plays a pivotal role in giving direction to your attention and short-term memory.

Mind you checking your emails, WhatsApp and Facebook status on communication device of your choice during the break will not qualify for the job of switch off.

The best way to do is getting yourself close to the nature. You need not plan an elaborate vacation for that. Spending time at nearest park in your vicinity in the company of natural plants and trees should be just fine. Playing with children or even watching them play might look silly and such a huge waste of time but Believe me it has all the magical powers of rejuvenating you really fast.

Cause your intensity to turn it ON is so critically dependent on your ability to turn it OFF.”

Overcome your worst fear

You have got one chance here to do amazing things, and being afraid of wrong or making a mistake or fumbling is just not how you do something of impact. You just have to be fearless.”-Dr. Adam Gazzaley

Fear is entirely your own creation. The kind of importance that you end up attaching to your unique set of fears is your own manifestation that keeps feeding on your insecurities.

Your worst fear is nothing but an intimidating gatekeeper whose assigned job is to keep you away from your most cherished goal.

Hence, nobody but you have all the power within you to stare back at him and letting him know that you are no longer empowering him to browbeat you.

Everything came when I completely dove in fearlessly and made the content that I needed to make as a kind of artist…I got out of my own way. I stopped doubting myself, and the universe winked at me when I did that, so to speak.”–Dr. Brene Brown

Become comfortable in discomfort

Josh Waitzkin describes it beautifully when he says that in the world of combat sports,”it’s very interesting to observe who the top competitors pick out when they are five rounds into the sparring session and they’re completely gassed. The ones who are on the steepest growth curve look for the hardest guy there-the one who might beat them up-while others look for someone they can take a break on.”

Is your comfort zone circumscribing your real potential?

Are you ready to choose discomfort over comfort?

Once you learn the art, you will start thriving under extreme conditions. Your ability to tide over default emotions during those trying conditions would help you in seeing things that are beyond the obvious.

Embrace your rhythm

You are a unique piece of creation. There is absolutely no one in this world who is an exact replica of you. Still, you are always eager to become someone; Cause you see yourself as an incomplete creation.

There is no doubt that your life is a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean you start neglecting your own set of characteristics that is very unique to your personality.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”-Albert Einstein

If you are not a morning person, then there is absolutely no need to mess up your life trying to emulate celebrated morning routines of the most successful people. You will end up being a second rate version of so-called successful people-which would definitely not be you.

It’s your responsibility to get comfortable with your own set of flaws, eccentricity, and inconsistencies. Only then you are in a better position to embrace your own rhythm which will help you in bringing unique symphony into your life.

Be Useful & Inspire Trust

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

The last thing you want when you are on your deathbed is the realisation that there’s zero evidence that you ever existed.

Unless you learn to translate your learnings into action, you won’t be able to inspire trust in others.

The learning has to go through the organic process of practical application to get itself transformed into wisdom. This entire process ends up lending credibility to your learning efforts, and helps you in differentiating Signal from noise.

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