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If your idea succeeds, everybody says you’re persistent. If it doesn’t, you’re stubborn.

Observation, evaluation, and iteration, not sudden shifts of perception, solve problems and lead us to creation.

What the world calls a failure the engineer calls a prototype.

No matter how much we say we value creation, deep down, most of us value control more. We fear change and favor familiarity.

Creators must expect rejection. The only way to avoid rejection is to avoid making anything new.

Sensible creators know that the best step forward is often a step back—to scrutinize, analyze, and assess, to find faults and flaws, to challenge and to change.

What determines whether we will succeed as creators is not how intelligent we are, how talented we are, or how hard we work, but how we respond to the adversity of creation.

When what we know contradicts what we believe, we can either change our beliefs to fit the facts or change the facts to fit our beliefs. 

People suffering from certainty are more likely to change the facts than their beliefs.

The only thing we do before we begin is fail to begin.

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