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Contrary to popular belief a mind obsessed with passion is a restless mind.

It takes a strong sense of self-belief to move beyond the constant need of other’s approval.

The pleasure of all kind is ultimately shaped by our perception.

The more you are prepared to lose, greater is the chance of your gain.

If life is a menu then you should resist the temptation of ordering only the first few items on the menu.

Whatever you don’t value in your life, you might lose it sooner than later.

If you are unwilling to rise above the petty challenges in your daily life, your attitude is going to shrink to the level of the pettiness of the challenges.

Just be mindful that because your mind is talking doesn’t mean you have to listen to it and just because you are feeling low doesn’t mean everything in life is beyond repair.

If something doesn’t fit within the zone of our conceptual understanding, we often struggle to cope with it.

One of the most practical way to manage your pain is to start helping others in managing theirs.

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