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The human brain is an ‘anticipation machine’, and ‘creating the possible future’ is the most important thing it does.

Our brains are continuously making predictions about the immediate, local, personal future of their owners without their owners’ awareness.

Human brains add what they already know (the past) to what they currently see (the present) to predict what will happen next (the future).

When people find it easy to imagine an event, they overestimate the likelihood that it will actually occur.

When it comes to deceptive brain messages, it’s not what you think or feel, it’s what you do that counts.

While you are not responsible for the emergence of thoughts, desires, impulses, urges, or sensations, you are responsible for what you do with them once they arise.

When you learn how to focus your attention in positive, beneficial ways, you actually rewire your brain to support those actions and habits.

How often (how repetitively) you focus on something determines which habits stay and which ones go.

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