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What is it that We are doing blatantly wrong?

Why do we find kids emotionally deficient in learnings
Dig a little deeper and we are bound to find all the strings


Parents occupied in their “work” created world
Don’t find anything wrong in promoting a “make believe” world


Mobiles and televisions are God sent magical devices
Helping parents in keeping kids within Fools Paradises


Multiple devices for audio visual outpouring
Making every day life seems so utterly boring


Continuous excessive stimulation of the senses
Making everyday moments dull for inferences


Is it good letting your child call all the shots
Wait before you are put into an uncomfortable spot


Given a choice kids won’t do what’s necessary
So it’s contingent upon you to make them disciplinary


Instant gratification becoming the most accepted flavour
Kids are acting as if the world owes them a favour


Emotional disconnect is becoming all too visible
If not arrested, sure to make their life miserable


If your version of a happy childhood is a sanitised one
Wait till you see them grow into a fragile one


Obstacles and failures, not the things to be avoided
Learning to work around, will make them more grounded


Building more tolerance for diversity and difference in opinion
So that they could grow up into a person with a vision.


Piyush Kamal

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