Why Are We Still The Same


Why are we still the same

Expecting our children to stand out while following rules of the game

Academic excellence of our kid is still the sole barometer to judge our worthy name


Why are we still the same

Sporting success is idolised but no one wants their kid to make it their game

We are always in a hurry but never in actual time frame


Why are we still the same

Ready to spend on daughters wedding rather than on her educational game

Food is sold on the street but footwear in AC malls as branded name


Why are we still the same

Educational degree is still a mean to get employed and not for wisdom gain

Finding the purpose of our life is hardly the aim


Why are we still the same

Nation of more than thousand languages united by a foreign name

Despite having diversity and richness in our culture we are in a mad rush to copy the fame


Why are we still the same

Brands endorsed by celebrities are lapped by all the insane

Half of the population wants to lose weight and the other half is struggling for basic grain

Why are we still the same?


Piyush Kamal

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