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When a person finds work fulfilling, no further reward is necessary. Intrinsically motivated people want to be able to dictate when they work, what they work on, and what they are responsible for. They don’t need to be directed or rewarded for doing their work. If you wish to feel intrinsically motivated then here is a shortlist of 5 ways to fuel your motivation:

  1. Create opportunities to regularly enjoy small success – In the process, you’ll no longer be focused on the gap between where you are and where you want to be. In fact, as long as you keep achieving what you set out to do each day, you’ll feel like a winner.
  2. Refrain yourself from talking about your goal with your family or friends – because research has shown that people who discuss their aspirations are less likely to follow through on them.
  3.  Your goal dictates your process – When setting out to achieve a goal, you might get tempted to take a shortcut to the top. But if you want real and lasting success, you should focus on your goal only to help shape your process. Because it’s the process that will guarantee you a consistent result.
  4. Make a consistent habit of achievement – Whether or not you have a clear goal, succeeding at one thing makes you more likely to succeed in other areas of life, which means success begets success.
  5. Get help from someone who has walked your path – Challenge yourself by picking someone who has traits you lack and try to make him/her personally invested in your success.

Motivation isn’t a spark but a result of small victories that fuel success incrementally. So instead of looking for shortcuts, cultivate a process that enables you to achieve regular success and allows you to live a fulfilling daily life on your way to the top.


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