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Problem-solving is a lot like taking baby steps.

It is never about making leaps.

It’s about finding a problem, trying to solve it and repeat.

Most steps involved in finding solutions are incremental.

At its core, problem solvers are driven to experiment.

They have a vexing problem that needs to be solved.

They have a passion for shaping the world by finding that elusive solution.

They continuously learn and adapt so that they could unleash their idea.

They have incredible confidence and faith that they will rebound regardless of what happens.

The best of scientists, engineers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and other problem-solvers exhibit these behaviors.

They keep taking steps and finding new problems, new solutions, and then stumbling upon an entirely new set of problems again.

For these problem-solvers, the root of innovation is precisely the same as when our species was born —

Looking at something and thinking, “I can make this thing better.”

Image Credit — Grant Snider


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