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Consider this equation Z/0 = infinity, where Z is a non zero complex number. It is just a term used to describe the never ending solution of an equation that is undefined.

The unlimited access to this undefined infinitum requires that the denominator be zero. Now don’t you worry a bit coz I am not going to bore you all with the theory of mathematical abstraction.

It’s the life that I am interested in. In life what can you do to make this denominator zero? The ultimate search for infinite life.

If I am allowed to hazard a guess then I think the denominator is all those things that impart us a sense of unique identity, whose intrinsic value is debatable.

Our mind, body, and intellect.

Out of these three only our mind has indelible imprint of evolutionary history that dates back to million of years.

Rest two the body and the intellect is accumulated from the moment we are born.

Which means it is entirely a product of the things that we choose to feed it and has no legacy of its own.
This well defined trilogy doesn’t allow a person to think beyond its physical existence.


As a result the entire focus remains on numerator.

Here the numerator denotes all those list of never ending desires which was never a prerequisite for sustenance of life in first place.

It’s the insatiable hunger that keeps us busy in increasing its value from 1 to indefinite multiples with a strong desire to make it infinite.

But logically even if you succeed in increasing the value of numerator that is your net worth in multiples, it would still be just another number as long as you are unable to make your denominator zero.

However the death of this body is the only reality that invokes so much of fear inside a person to incite a few uncomfortable questions that are beyond their comprehension.

The moment a person chooses to make this denominator zero by exploring possibilities beyond the existence of these trilogy- the body, the mind , and the intellect the access to infinite life becomes a possibility.

Because once you comprehend it, the death of the body will be nothing but merely a little pause in this infinite journey.

Therefore can you see that this entire fear of death is highly exaggerated and misplaced in larger context.

Once this is understood unequivocally only then one is in a better position to appreciate the fact that there is absolutely no need to get self obsessed in life.

If you were to leave your body tomorrow, no one except people in your immediate circle would get emotionally affected, that too for a limited period of time. No universal law gets affected in your absence.

The whole life cycle starts with the simple process of multiplying itself to make a copy of it, so that the information could be pass on to the next generation.

It’s as simple as that.

So, if possible, don’t try to complicate things by making your own assumptions. It is not going to change anything.

The essence of objective reality never gets affected by your subjective perceptions.

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