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There is no bad weather just inappropriate dressing, similarly, there is no bad person just inappropriate choices.

Your accumulated knowledge is not much of any use if it can’t change the life of even a single person.

As soon as you accept the limitations of your own memories & intellect you’ll no longer be driven by your default urge to prove yourself right.

The perception of your own objective is transformed by including others in your pursuit of achievement.

Being surrounded by happy people doesn’t guarantee happiness, but significantly improves your chances.

Seek people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

Our minds are a loose confederation of parts, but we identify with and pay too much attention to one part— conscious verbal thinking.

We take a stand on an issue, look for evidence that supports it, and if we find some evidence — so that our position “makes sense” — we just refrain from thinking anymore.

Try responding a person’s ineffective behavior with curiosity rather than judgement.

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