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When the winds of change rage, some build shelters while others build windmills.

People are by default more likely to be influenced by stimuli that fit their goals.

The obvious danger of emotional blindness is that we often make decisions, even the most important ones, from the vulnerable place of emotion without even realizing it.

The commitment to learn and accept reality is one of the most defining characteristics of any self-aware person.

It’s a far easier option to feel wonderful and special than to become one.

There exists an inverse relationship between how special we feel and how self-aware we are, for example, the people posting the most numbers of selfies on social media are blissfully unaware of their annoying behavior.

The virtue of humility — requiring us to accept a certain degree of imperfection within us — is often the exception rather than the rule in self-obsessed society.

A flexible mindset means remaining open to several truths and explanations, rather than seeking the absolute truth.

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  1. Wonderful quotes, espe ially, the 5th one… “It’s a far easier option to feel wonderful and special than to become one”…
    So true…