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Having an aversion to something in particular and an attraction towards something else is the basis of identification.

Whatever you accumulate can definitely be yours, but it can never be you.

You are alive only to the extent you are aware. And you are aware only to the extent something is in your experience.

When it comes to experience of life, what is going on in your mind is often more important to you than what is going on outside of you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the content of your mind if you do not get identified with it.

To stay motivated, we have to have something we genuinely care about.

If it’s raining heavily — Desire is wishing for the rain to stop and gratitude is carrying an umbrella.

What you have stored in you can only be known from what you give out.

For intellect, every incident or event has to be supported by some intelligent answer so as to appease the insatiable curiosity of the conditioned mind.

The conscious mind colored by conditioning rejoices in all sorts of calculations and analysis.

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