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Living according to your true self means seeing yourself for who you really are and includes approaching yourself, your true emotions and needs, from a loving, caring, nurturing perspective that is consistent with your identity and narratives.

While you are not responsible for the emergence of thoughts, desires, impulses, urges, or sensations, you are definitely responsible for what you do with them once they arise.

We are powerfully shaped and affected by our sincere desire and need to connect with people on an emotional level.

Dealing with obstacles and learning how to respond constructively to problems and setbacks — a healthy way of managing emotions — allows you to grow and learn ways of caring for yourself.

Mindful awareness is the ability to see your world through a fresh pair of eyes so that you are able to experience a completely different and new version of life.

True acceptance means letting go of expectations related to yourself and other people that are not aligned with your true self. Rather than clinging to and desiring specific outcomes, accept that right now things might not work out the way you want.

The brain is quite a conservative and vulnerable organ, primed to resist any activity that requires radical reformulation of its usual patterns of activity.

Sometimes goals can create a sense of false priority so that people end up making sacrifices that, with the benefit of hindsight, seem hardly worthwhile.

We are neurologically configured to connect up with what others around us are experiencing — largely due to specialized mirror neurons.

Every act of creation has to start with an act of destruction — wherein existing structures of thought and perception have to be deliberately dismantled, or even smashed beyond recognition, so that novel possibilities and new combinations could be explored from the resultant disarray.

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