Thought Catalog 24

It’s completely irrelevant that in how many areas you’re average or below average. What matters is your ability to identify that one area in which you are well above average. Once that’s sorted, everything will just start falling in places so that you could have a reasonably good life.

The opinions of others are far less significant than we think.

Memories are one-dimensional, shallow, abstract, frequently mistaken, partially fabricated and ultimately unproductive.

The longer we live with a memory, the greater the value it accrues.

We don’t always know the “whys” behind our own behaviour, but we certainly pretend to know.

Only people high in self-acceptance hold positive views of themselves that aren’t dependent on external validation.

When we ask “why”, that is, examine the causes of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, we are generally searching for the easiest and most plausible answer.

“Why” questions draw us to our limitations whereas “what” questions help us see our potential.

“Rumination” —— single-minded fixation on our fears, shortcomings, and insecurities is the most insidious of all the follies: not only does it effectively prevent insight, it can often masquerade as productive self-reflection.

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