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It’s easier and more secure to stay broken the way we are than to choose a completely new path throwing new set of problems & challenges at us.

Irrespective of what might have happened in your past, those events & experiences has absolutely no bearing at all on how you chose to live from this moment.

Your mere presence at the places that are obsessed with winning and losing will force you to play the game of life at a very sub optimal level.

Luxuries do have this tendency to become necessities which in turn ends up creating new obligations.

Forming good interpersonal relationships requires a certain degree of mutually acceptable space. It’s more like reading a book, which you can’t if you pull the book too close to your face, or if you hold it too far away.

Children who have not been exposed to confront challenges will more often than not, try to avoid any kind of challenges.

Happiness is primarily the feeling of contribution. If you succeed in having a feeling of contribution, you will no longer need any validation from others.

If you look through a magnifying glass at a solid line drawn with chalk, you will discover that what you thought was a line is actually a series of small dots. Similarly life as we know is actually a series of dots made from disjointed moments called “now”.

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