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Nearly every human action is in some way an expression of how we think about ourselves.

Life’s two most important questions are “Why?” and “Why not?”, but the trick is knowing which one to ask when.

Any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least.

It is difficult to remove an idea through logic if that idea is not placed there by logic in the first instance.

Since judgmental people were generally raised in judgmental families, they find it hard to envision another way of interacting with those they live with.

It is always easier to keep doing what we’re used to, even if it’s evidently not working for us.

The pursuit of material wealth distracts us from activities and people that provide more lasting pleasure and satisfaction.

Parents have a limited ability to shape children’s behavior, except for the worse.

Of all the forms of courage, the ability to laugh is the most profoundly therapeutic.

Memory is not an accurate transcription of past experience. Rather it is a story we tell ourselves about the past, full of distortions, wishful thinking, and unfulfilled dreams.

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