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The most important metric to track is your personal energy.

You can maximise your personal energy by eating right, exercising regularly, avoiding unnecessary stress, getting enough sleep and having something in life that makes you excited to wake up.

Running a marathon under four hours might be a goal, but exercising daily is a system.

If you want success, figure out the price, and be willing to pay for it. It may sound very trivial but if you follow the principle behind the idea it has extraordinary power.

Few things are as destructive and limiting as a worldview that assumes people are mostly rational.

In any kind of negotiation, the worst thing you can do is act reasonable.

When you see a successful person who lacks a college education, you’re usually looking at someone with an unusual lack of fear.

The timing of things can be more important than the intrinsic value of the things.

Pessimism is often a failure of imagination. If you can’t even imagine an improved future, you won’t be happy no matter how well your life is going right now.

Resource: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – by Scott Adams

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