Thought Catalog 29

We usually don’t know what kind of car we want until we see it parked in our neighbourhood.

We don’t know what we want to do with our lives – until we find a sibling or friend who is doing just what we think we should be doing.

While moving up in life, we indulge ourselves with the fantasy that we can always ratchet ourselves back if need be, but in reality, we can’t. For example downgrading to a smaller home is always going to be bitter experience.

When we are removed from any benchmarks of ethical thought, we tend to stray into dishonesty. If we are reminded of morality at the moment we are tempted, then we are much more likely to be honest.

The more work we put into something, the more ownership we feel for it. 

Doing something that is somewhat connected to our self-image can fuel our motivation and get us to work much harder.

We expect that we will be miserable for a long time if things do not work out the way we hope. We also think that we will be enduringly happy if things go our way. But in general, our predictions are off base.

If we learn to question ourselves and test our beliefs, we might actually discover when and how we are wrong and improve the ways we love, live, work, innovate, manage, and govern.


Predictably Irrational – by Dan Ariely

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