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If individuals are poorly informed, confused, or downright inconsistent – as all of us are most of the times – the notion of “what we want” isn’t always so clear.

Our positive opportunities in life often matter more than the amount of cash in our bank accounts.

The omnipresent fast food offer is manipulating our evolutionarily programmed desire for more fat, to the detriment of our life expectancy.

When we are given a choice between the immediate present, the future, and the more distant future, very often we are biased toward the immediate present.

Given the radical uncertainty of the more distant future, we can’t know how to achieve preferred goals with any kind of certainty over longer time horizons.

Our actions are going to have consequences we cannot possibly predict.

Excellence depends on clear judgment, self-control, the symmetry of desire, and artistry of means.

We should strive to get out of one extreme without falling into its opposite. For one extreme easily passes into the other.

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