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Why is it important to live an inspired life



Inspiration is something, entirely self–generated, and comes from within. It results in a feeling of excitement and well being. When you’re inspired, you’re filled with life. You don’t need an alarm clock to wake up; you wake up with a contagious enthusiasm ready to dive into a brand new day. When you’re inspired, you don’t need to be told what to do at work; you’re already thinking of ways to make your work even better. You feel liberated in the absence of any outside compulsion.

However, you might say that inspiration isn’t really possible in the mundane, everyday activities of this world. Going to work, paying the bills, taking the kids to school, making meals and doing the laundry aren’t exactly activities to inspire anyone. But ask yourself, “Why don’t I have an inspired life?”, “Where is the passion in my life?”

Once you examine your life you’ll see that the things you don’t like doing NEVER come from inspired decisions. The state of being with which you created your life and it’s mundane activities were never an outcome of inspired decisions. As long as the reasons are not consciously and mindfully chosen, most of your life experiences would be less than enjoyable. Therefore don’t ever make a decision out of compulsion, every choice of yours should be governed by well thought out reasons. Because the right set of reasons never feels misplaced even after considerable passage of time.

Can you imagine the boundless possibilities of your life if every decision is made consciously and mindfully, where every choice is an outcome of self inspired deliberation.

But what we are actually doing in reality is just the opposite. An average student spends more than 20 years in completing his education. The pertinent question remains, Is he preparing himself for university or universal existence? Because after completion of his university education, there is every likelihood that he could end up being an educated idiot, as the accumulated knowledge acquired by him through years of devoted hard work could be easily reproduced with technical precision by any eight year old kid with Internet connectivity.

Therefore what you need to do is, just press the pause button and look around yourself. And find out the most pressing need of this world? Can you inspire yourself to do something to fulfil that need. If you can, then in all probability you could end up making this world a far better place, by simply living an inspired life.

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