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  1. dear writer
    ye to vo hi likh sakta ,, hai jisne zindagi aur jeene ka maksad samjha ho,,, and u r the person who understand the real meaning of life,,
    bhootkal se bhi bahut kuch seekhne ko milta hai,,,it is clear inpoem

    • I am really greatful that you could extract some life meaning out of this content. Your kind love and appreciation means a lot to me, so keep it flowing.

  2. Very well and rightly expressed Piyush!
    The world around the child conspires to make him/her like everybody around him/her.All seem to be products in an assembly line.Those who can break free of these clutches can carve a niche for themselves .

    • Thanks a lot for your kind and encouraging words Ma’am. The real trouble is that we often try to fashion our success in accordance with the specifications delineated by the outside world, even though these are not in sync with the specifications drawn up in our hearts.