New Year Resolutions

As the Year comes to Conclusion It’s time to make a fresh set of resolutions Another opportunity to find some working solution It’s time to refresh hopes and aspiration The concept of time is nothing but mere illusion Sometimes you may be lucky to find few plausible solution But it’s difficult to keep your optics free from delusion At times, quite confusing to come up with definite conclusion Take some effort to dig a little deep to scratch the surface of confusion Since your future lies on your own decision About time your mind & soul gets the right direction It takes a lot of faith to persist with your vision Since we are sum total of circumstantial & genetic evolution So take some patience to see the both sides of every equation Once you stop wasting your time suffering from delusion You might stop living solely for outcomes that

What if everything told to you is a lie.

    What if everything told to you is a lie What if the life you dream is not the ultimate pie What if your perception of colour pales in front of butterfly What if your obsession with logic makes you a wet fly   What if everything told to you is a lie What if the true wisdom is waiting for you to discover your why What if you are told to lose yourself to soar into the sky What if you are asked to jump to discover if you could fly   What if everything told to you is a lie What if the choices you make end up making you cry What if the reality you perceive is difficult to verify What if your goal is not the actual bulls eye   What if everything told to you is a lie What if hardships in your life

Finding Old Friends

Is there a way to get back to you, all my old friends Most of us are connected but rarely revisit the bends We don’t forget to wish each other on birthday and anniversary Sharing photos on social media are nothing but obligatory I miss all unsolicited advice you used to shove down my throat Now you seem relentless in forwarding all the universal wisdom quote Making fun of each other used to be such a valid sport Now difference in opinion is nothing less than contempt of court You were always there, though seemed like you didn’t care Now you seem to care, but the feeling is missing somewhere You taught me success is nothing but failure turned inside out But sharing of success with you made it the ultimate knockout I miss you when my life goes through dramatic shift You are someone I need you around when

A Path Only You Can Follow

Anything having life will always strive to grow There exist a path in life that only you can follow Relying on the borrowed concept of right and wrong Will hardly help you in interpreting the life’s real song Conforming to the society can’t be your lifelong goal You being a round peg can’t fit into a square hole Stop being obsessed with your own angle of view Start admiring those who think different from you Can afford to give a damn to what others think of you As long as you are ready to be the best critic of you Never blame anybody for all the shit happening in your life Only you can make the changes you wish to see in your life Even when you might feel like lost in middle of the road Don’t ever lose your faith in the miracles of the God Always have the

Why Are We Still The Same

  Why are we still the same Expecting our children to stand out while following rules of the game Academic excellence of our kid is still the sole barometer to judge our worthy name   Why are we still the same Sporting success is idolised but no one wants their kid to make it their game We are always in a hurry but never in actual time frame   Why are we still the same Ready to spend on daughters wedding rather than on her educational game Food is sold on the street but footwear in AC malls as branded name   Why are we still the same Educational degree is still a mean to get employed and not for wisdom gain Finding the purpose of our life is hardly the aim   Why are we still the same Nation of more than thousand languages united by a foreign name

“If you could”

If you could be the best that you can ever be Making things work the way it’s meant to be All the fruits could never be on a single tree ​No need to live a life​ borrowed from somebody ​If you could see things as they really are Stop having perception of things from the lens of the past Not losing faith when things don’t work out Taking the barometer of success with a pinch of salt If you could keep your cool when someone blames you No need to take things personally when everyone criticises you Storms in your life is there to check what you are made of You are hardly going to emerge the same once you come out of If you could have the biggest dream but ready for nightmare Also be prepared for that awkward stare Seeking the truth but not looking for that popular

You Got To Lose Yourself

You got to lose yourself to find your true core Impossible to find new horizons if reluctant to Leave the shores Boats are safe in the harbour but is never built for seashores Your search for stability makes you settle for all those chores Your obsession with security ends up making you a complete bore You got to lose yourself to find your true sensation Alacrity with which you dissect people with your opinions Precision with which you don’t shy away from labelling persons Same alacrity should get diverted towards self introspection So that you’re better placed to view life in complete summation You got to lose yourself to find your true calibration An objective look at yourself is a step in right direction Slowing down the Pace to understand the mechanics is one option Deliberately choosing to lose intricate plot is viable solution Once a while it doesn’t hurt

There is more to life than aspiring things that’s bright

  There is more to life than aspiring things that’s bright Your perception is skewed by the limitations of your own sight Don’t get obsessed with your vision of all things that seems right Achievement of success is just a mere illusion of hollow might Accumulating things that you don’t need will burden your life   There is more to life than aspiring things that’s bright You are not a clock that needs to be always right You can spot the signs if you are willing to make things quiet You can live the purpose by doing things that makes you excite Creativity will help you see beyond the boundaries of your sight   There is more to life than aspiring things that’s bright Living by the rule will never help you live beyond the hype Challenging all your assumptions will give you the requisite foresight Your energy shouldn’t get

You got to find your Grace whatever it takes

You got to find your Grace whatever it takes, Nothing is beyond if you are willing to take some stakes, Don’t let fear and insecurity redefine your mental space, Whatever is close to your heart let it take it’s beautiful shape, While you are at it, Don’t be afraid of making a lot of mistakes,   You got to find your Grace whatever it takes, You will eventually be defined by all your mistakes, Will learn to differentiate between the real and fakes, You have all the liberty to take as many retakes, As long as you are willing to learn and embrace.

When will you stop living your dichotomy!

  When will you stop living your dichotomy And Be the change that you wish to see, Stop cribbing and face the reality Be the person that you always wanted to be, When will you stop living your dichotomy  You are more than sum of all your fallacy Just give it all what it takes to be, Stop treating yourself as the centre of Galaxy Make it all count by disbanding your attitude of carefree, When will you stop living your dichotomy  You are only limited by your sense of conformity Try to see things beyond the stated triviality, Going against the grain should be your vitality You can prove them wrong by showing some audacity, When will you stop living your dichotomy  Let ultimate faith be the sign of your true identity Not halting even in case of the worst catastrophe, Let your zeal define you in utmost totality