Right Vs Wrong

                 Hero isn’t always right

           & Villain isn’t exactly wrong,

     the society that projects itself upright

      never seems to play the correct song.



              Smile isn’t always happy

      & frown isn’t exactly distressing,

people just love judging as they’re often nasty

they won’t think before hurting anybody’s feeling.



            Obstacle isn’t always failure

         & failure isn’t exactly the end,

you are free to perceive goals as your only savior

but pathways to reach there can always bend.



           Money isn’t always the solution

      & poverty isn’t exactly the curse,

look beyond the yardsticks to stay away from illusion

sense of proportion’ll prevent you making it worse.



             Power isn’t always the fun

      & lack of authority isn’t exactly the cuss,

   life has its own way of getting things done

power with responsibility isn’t suited for most of us.


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  1. Sanjay Jha

    The post is amazing. It is a fact that most of the people judge a person or an event through certain parameters and those parameters may not always be right or correct. People should use conscience in measuring the correctness or wrongness of the subject.. Sometimes, the decision of the mob or society may not be correct. We must be wise in analyzing the truthfulness based on our own conscience.


    Brilliant illustration Piyush. Infact those feeling the elephant, even if they were not wearing black glasses, cannot visualize totally the whole thing. They can just visualize and infer what they can see or feel just in front of them. That is why BIBLE also says, never judge a person.

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