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Stop Living the impersonated Life

“To be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement for anyone”.                                Ralph Waldo Emerson


From the day we are born, we are expected to live the life of someone else…someone who has built a reputation of being successful on every societal yardstick. We are continuously being judged on numerous yardsticks that society has managed to develop right through its evolution. As a result we end up living someone else life…it’s like an actor willingly living the life of his character for rest of his life…You just need to pause and reflect for a moment and you will have a sudden realization about gravity of this statement. Ok…Ok…I know you got the drift.

But, even after the bitter realization that, what we are living actually is the life that was never meant for us…how do we start living our own life. Well, just like everything, Being yourself is a habit that needs to be inculcated through constant perseverance. The following steps can definitely help us in achieving this avowed objective:

EXPLORE: Living our life beyond our self limiting thoughts can definitely help us in being far more adventurous in exploring things. We all are born with the talent called curiosity, but somehow that special talent of ours gets lost as soon as we grow up to become mature. It’s often get equated to stupidity and immaturity. Whereas, in reality, our audacity to imagine and explore helps us in pushing the boundaries of possibilities. Therefore, shed all your inhibitions and live your life out of curiosity.

INTROSPECT: We all have a tendency to just flow with the events of life. We get so engrossed in our daily chores that we hardly get any time to reflect. In fact modern life is full of so many distractions that we can find ourselves busy without being productive. Hence it becomes all the more important that we spare some moments in our busy life, simply for introspection. If you can spare ten minutes for this activity where your incessant thoughts are temporarily rested, you will end up seeing a lot of changes in you.

DISCOVER YOUR ELEMENT: The above two exercises will help you immensely in locating your element. Your unique and gifted element is something that has all the potential to launch your life into completely different orbit. Once you succeed in identifying this elusive dimension of yours, believe me you will never ever think about living someone else’s life. As a result being your self will then become as simple as breathing.

Now, it’s time to dig deep inside to unearth the real you. Happy digging!!!

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