Transformation from Caterpillar (Mediocrity) to Butterfly ( Excellence)


The Original transcript of the Dialogue between Me ( M )and the Enlightened One( E )


First thing first…

Why anyone in good sense should be interested in knowing this stupid story of transformation?

Wasn’t this taught in one of those elementary science classes at an age when the word butterfly had an absolutely tangential meaning primarily due to biochemistry of hormonal imbalances. If you know what I mean!

If you don’t, no need to break your head now.

Now without any further digression, let the Enlightened one E hit on the transformation story.


Every butterfly starts its life as a very small, round, oval or cylindrical egg. Eggs are usually laid on leaves of plants. The kind of leaf on which they are laid is really important because the mother butterfly needs to lay her eggs on the type of leaf the caterpillar will eat – each caterpillar type likes only certain types of leaves.


There you go…now even caterpillars do have an eating preferences. Quite heartening to know that. I am quite eager to share this fact to my lovely better half who ends up deciding my eating preferences on most occasions. I hope she is not reading this.


The second stage of its life cycle is known as caterpillar. A caterpillar will start eating the leaf they were born onto. That’s why the mother has to go through the pain of choosing the right kind of leaf.


Thats true. All Mothers across the species are one hell of a selfless creature filled with unconditional love. Aren’t they?

Let me just share with you this quote reimagined in a beautiful way.



At this stage of life caterpillars just eats, sleeps and crawls and does the same thing, day in and day out.


You need to go and just ask my mother, there is a very high probability that even now she thinks that I am a great fan of this caterpillar routine.


Caterpillars need to eat so that they can grow quickly. When a caterpillar is born, they are extremely small. Therefore constant eating is required for their growth and expansion. Their exoskeleton (skin) does not stretch or grow, so they grow by “molting” (shedding the outgrown skin) several times while it grows.

Oblivious to his own potential there is absolutely no realization that there could be some other possibilities in his life.

The caterpillar has absolutely no clue about the hidden genetic structure that has all the natural potential to transform himself into a beautiful butterfly.


Poor little thing! Might not have access to Internet.


Born as a caterpillar and quite unaware of his own potential it ends up accepting the present life as his preordained and final destiny.

As a result, even if a butterfly lands right next to him, the caterpillar wouldn’t be in a position to spot the true identity of his own extraordinary lineage.

It’s simply because it’s something outside of his frame of reference.

In fact, a large section of human population closely resemble the life of a caterpillar, where they are not in a position to really comprehend that a total life transformation is even possible and it’s very much within their realm to make it a reality. As with caterpillars, for most of us, this again is something that remains outside our existing frame of reference.


Now please don’t tell me that we do share our genetic structure with caterpillars. Given the kind of sloth I am, my mom and my wife would be the first person to believe it without an iota of doubt.


Beside we sapiens do have an inherent tendency to settle for a life that is way below our true potential. Most of us do get into this false security of our little bubbles that we end up creating for ourselves during the supposedly arduous journey of life.



That’s very true. But the most pertinent question is how do we get out of this comfort zone of little bubbles created by us?


Here again we can learn a thing or two from caterpillar.

Since caterpillars are genetically programmed to get himself cocooned. They don’t find it difficult to cross over to the next phase of life. This transformative stage comes so very instinctively to them. They do what they are programmed to do. Unlike you and me, the caterpillars don’t have a choice of their own.

Since we humans are not gifted with that instinct, it becomes quite a challenge for us to make a cross over to the next phase of our existence.

However we humans are blessed with the ability to make choices. And that’s what we do day in and day out. In fact those very small choices made on daily basis play a catalytic role in transforming our life. As a result we end up being a final product of all our choices.

It is precisely the moment when you make a conscious choice to follow the path of freedom, your stage of incubation will get initiated.

Let me now share with you the broad stages of this incubation phase:


Now this sounds like some serious stuff…so let me chew that favourite gum of mine.

And since my attention span is not better than that of a gold fish. Please keep it short and sweet. Thanks!




You are sum total of all the memories and influences that you have accumulated throughout the journey of your life. Consequently, it becomes quite a difficult task for anyone to dig through years of multiple layers to discover one’s true identity. However there is this small list of simple yet challenging questionnaire that should get you started on this unique path of self discovery.


The journey of self discovery will help you immensely in discovering your definite Goal. Once you are internally motivated to define and pursue this Goal with all your vigour and intensity, the resultant synergy would always yield pure magic.


If you are capable of visualising your most cherished and wishful day right upto the minutest detail then you are definitely ready to live it up in reality. You just need to understand and appreciate that life is nothing but a single day repeated in loops. You have all the freedom in this world to make it what you wish to. Here your power of imagination is going to help you in charting an unique journey.


Being an exquisite manifestation of this infinite cosmos you need to first offload this excessive baggage called lack of trust. This is an absolute drag on the journey of realising your true potential. Building trust in yourself helps you in becoming more authentic about your own intentions and perspectives. Which in turn is a sure way to boost your confidence to achieve what you choose to focus.


What you choose to focus has all the potential to expand exponentially.

Therefore the right alignment of your chosen goal and focus can work wonders for you. In a world full of diverse and tempting noises, finding the perfect synergy between the two can always prove to be challenging. But it’s definitely worth all the effort.


The final stage of incubation is reached when you are on your way to achieve excellence. Here uncompromising dedication to your own craft become the ultimate prayer for you. It brings you much closer to your true infinite cosmic identity. As a consequence you end up witnessing such an unprecedented peace and splendour inside you that your whole existence becomes an unique expression of freedom.


Gee…That was some heavy and head spinning stuff.

Now I know why it was so important to take those stupid science classes a little seriously back then.

Never mind.

In life one could never be too late in gaining a new perspective.


Now that you are fully aware about the broad stages of incubation, would you volunteer yourself to go through it and give yourself an opportunity to transform into your best possible version?

Freedom of choice is all yours.

Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Have an amazing week.



  1. Shuchismita Saxena

    Very interestingly written…perfect dialogue between M and E. It is a sad truth that we seldom evaluate our potential . I would say that we are very much like the cursed Hanuman (M) who realized his strength and potential only when Jambwant (E) explained it to him. A good read and an eye opener…

  2. Deepak Kumar

    We all are unaware of the fact that we are “always” in a process of development … Always….
    Your article has been an inspiration to me.

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