The Myth of Motivation

Let me share with you the workout routine of the legendary Michael Phelps:

In peak training phases, Phelps swims minimum 80,000 meters a week, which is nearly 50 miles. He practices twice a day, sometimes more if he’s training at altitude. Phelps trains for around five to six hours a day/ six days a week. To give himself some additional entertainment in the water, Phelps listens to music during his long workouts with waterproof headphones. Swimming in the water, especially that long, can be pretty boring. Listening to music can provide that extra spark to your workout. There was a point he trained every day for 365 days a year for 5 years.

When will you stop living your dichotomy!

  When will you stop living your dichotomy And Be the change that you wish to see, Stop cribbing and face the reality Be the person that you always wanted to be, When will you stop living your dichotomy  You are more than sum of all your fallacy Just give it all what it takes to be, Stop treating yourself as the centre of Galaxy Make it all count by disbanding your attitude of carefree, When will you stop living your dichotomy  You are only limited by your sense of conformity Try to see things beyond the stated triviality, Going against the grain should be your vitality You can prove them wrong by showing some audacity, When will you stop living your dichotomy  Let ultimate faith be the sign of your true identity Not halting even in case of the worst catastrophe, Let your zeal define you in utmost totality