“If you could”

If you could be the best that you can ever be Making things work the way it’s meant to be All the fruits could never be on a single tree ​No need to live a life​ borrowed from somebody ​If you could see things as they really are Stop having perception of things from the lens of the past Not losing faith when things don’t work out Taking the barometer of success with a pinch of salt If you could keep your cool when someone blames you No need to take things personally when everyone criticises you Storms in your life is there to check what you are made of You are hardly going to emerge the same once you come out of If you could have the biggest dream but ready for nightmare Also be prepared for that awkward stare Seeking the truth but not looking for that popular

You Got To Lose Yourself

You got to lose yourself to find your true core Impossible to find new horizons if reluctant to Leave the shores Boats are safe in the harbour but is never built for seashores Your search for stability makes you settle for all those chores Your obsession with security ends up making you a complete bore You got to lose yourself to find your true sensation Alacrity with which you dissect people with your opinions Precision with which you don’t shy away from labelling persons Same alacrity should get diverted towards self introspection So that you’re better placed to view life in complete summation You got to lose yourself to find your true calibration An objective look at yourself is a step in right direction Slowing down the Pace to understand the mechanics is one option Deliberately choosing to lose intricate plot is viable solution Once a while it doesn’t hurt