Multiple Variables for Your Success Are Beyond the Scope of Any Formula

Anyone selling you the recipe of the success formulae needs to be taken as seriously as any of those stock market forecasters seen on television because any formula for success that might work once stops working as soon as it becomes widely known.

Despite this, there is no dearth of people selling you the precise concoction of habits and behaviors that could guarantee you a definite success in any of the chosen fields.

20 Life Lessons Learned in 2020

Trying to get positives out of 2020 might look as hard as making milk from almonds. We may still be struggling today, but there are opportunities we haven’t fully seized yet, and the potential we haven’t fully realized yet.

It’s true while learning alone can’t help us succeed; the life lessons from the year 2020 can help us prepare better for an uncertain 2021.

My personal 20 life lessons learned in the year 2020 are enlisted as follows.

Letter from A Teenager to his Parents

I know you are deeply sensitive to my academic performance and off late I am failing consistently in living upto your expectations. But how do you presume that I am not worried about my own performance? I am equally perplexed because methods that were working fine for me till date are no longer giving me the positive results. Believe me I am busy exploring every possible permutations and combinations. Just don’t lose faith in me.